Return of The Arts Fairies

In case you haven’t noticed we’ve been having a little holiday. And from the holiday comes a bit of change. Big Arts Fairy has qualified as a Social Media Manager with Digital Mums. Middle Arts Fairy has been turning into a dog on a much more regular basis and Little Arts Fairy has given her dummies away to another fairy, namely the Dummy Fairy!

Turn and face the change…

Because of Tilly (Big Arts Fairy)’s new start taking on clients, we’ll be changing the way our channels work slightly. Essentially it’s just for our own (and hopefully your!) enjoyment now! If you are an arts fairies fan, you need to get onto Instagram to follow us through our creative projects and every day arts adventures. If you’re a local business who would like to connect; or need inspiration from articles linking to creativity and the mind, then we’ll catch you on Twitter! With Facebook, we’ll be posting less frequently, mainly to share events in the local area that we think you will want to attend, either with your little ones or the occasional date night.

Now to unmask Big Arts Fairy, aka Tilly at Bright Dot Digital.


The girl with the mousy hair

In August last year, I set up The Arts Fairies as I felt I had a lot of creativity missing from my life. Although I had been creative when I was younger, after ten years working in law and before that, studying for exam after exam, I felt that it had been suppressed quite a bit. However when I started to embrace any of the arts; whether that was sketching mindlessly for 10 minutes, listening to music or reading a wonderful piece of literature; I felt in the right place once more. When my children came along I realised how important it was to teach them that being creative is as essential as brushing your teeth. I hope that whatever they go onto do in their life; however serious and high flying or as care-free and bohemian their careers are; that they naturally reach for the arts to support them along the way. We can learn so much about life and about ourselves from books, film, theatre, dance, art and writing…it’s just a matter of making the time in this busy modern world.

Rebel Rebel, your face is a mess

Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been all plain sailing! The first Wacky Wednesday I did, where the kids set about crafting, I hated it! I found so stressful!!! Why am I doing this?!? I asked. However the next week was slightly easier…and the next? I actually found enjoyable! Now it has become a natural activity, as frequent as watching TV. The kids sit down at the table and set about crafting on their own. Yeah, sometimes (a lot of the time) they glue things to themselves, draw on their faces and quite often they create a mess that makes my heart monetarily sink, but the amount my heart lifts when they’ve created something original that’s made them happy, completely tips the balance. At one point in the campaign, Middle Arts Fairy had been poorly for quite a while, leaving her feeling pretty low, until she decided to sit at the table and draw a picture of her with a poorly tummy. Her mood picked up so much after that by the evening she was completely better: this is something I’ll never forget…

Let the children use it, let all the children boogie…

I also wanted to show people who don’t think they are very creative, or think it’s not for them – that it’s ok not to be good at a particular art or not know where to start. You can still enjoy the arts. They are for everyone who is a human being, not just the talented or connoisseurs amongst us. Did you read my blog post What I used to think about theatre? Exactly.

For years and years I roamed…I gazed a gazley stare

The other reason is that it’s encouraged my own creativity – I used to write as a child/teenager and dabbled as a young adult before giving up entirely post baby births, for precious time taken up only by social media, Netflix box sets and sleep. Now I pick up the pen and write 2-3 times a day.

So that’s one, two, three reasons for setting up and continuing the Arts Fairies.*

*can you tell I used to work in law?

The fourth reason is we’ve discovered paint sticks. Paint, without the mess of paint. Amazeballs. With paint-sticks there is no doubt that I can continue this creative journey.

Lastly, it’s introduced me to more amazing events and people in Exeter that I ever knew existed. We are very lucky to have such a friendly, supportive and creative city.

So, you can see why I couldn’t just drop this campaign once the course ended. The Arts Fairies have got under my skin in a good way, and I hope it’s been the same for you too. Thanks for your support along the way. You are very welcome to stick with my two little fairies and I, as we continue our artistic and literary adventures in our little spot of Devon.

P.S. Want to find out more?

If you would like to enquire about my social media management services please send an email to you can also follow Bright Dot Digital’s channels on Twitter and Instagram. The website is in progress – a link will be dropped here and on the channels soon.




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