Rainy day ideas for kids

shutterstock_425848774So this week we thought we’d compile a list of rainy day activities relating to The Arts, because let’s face it; the weather’s been dismal! Every school run has involved wellies for Middle Arts Fairy and tears for Little Arts Fairy (who strangely doesn’t want to get out of her comfortable car seat into a damp cold pushchair, thanks very much); meanwhile I discovered the amazing combination of hot chocolate and crumpets – thank you to my friend at Picnic In the Peaks who brought this to my attention during their tweet chat.

Here we go!


There’s so many crafts you can make and you don’t need loads of materials. As long as you have scissors and glue you can usually get the rest from the recycling! The other day I thought we were short on materials, so we ended up looking in the green bin.

Yesterday was another Wacky Wednesday, our last one on here for a while, so we decided to make Valentine’s cards.

To recreate these you will need:

  • card (red/pink);
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • a pencil;
  • pipecleaners;
  • glitter (red/pink/green)
  • tissue paper (red/pink for the roses)
  • wrapping paper with Valentine’s print.

Check out our Instagram profile for other craft ideas. Our lion masks blog is here!

Movie afternoon

Close the curtains, put some cushions or seats in front of the ‘big screen’ (I use an armchair and a pushchair next to each other!), dim the lights, choose a great film (we were most recently gifted Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro) and serve hot chocolate (Highlights Chocolate Fudge flavour is amaze) and if you’re going all out, popcorn!

Wanna be in my band?

Gather all the musical instruments you can in your house. If you don’t have any and you’re crafty then you can make them! Put nuts/seeds into sealed yogurt pots or tins; make a guitar out of a tissue box – here CBeebies show us how to make a music kit; turn a saucepan upside down and find a wooden spoon (and some earplugs).

Toy theatre directing

Gather together soft toys and create a stage using an upturned box of some sort. Choose a simple book to read out loud and get the kids to ‘act’ the part of the toys on the stage. Restless toddlers can be film crew, carrying a plastic Paw Patrol camera and knocking things over.

Kitchen dance-off

Move furniture to one side and get the iTunes out. Pick the cheesiest tracks and have a good boogie!

Story corner


Get the children to pick 3 books each, pile them up, snuggle with blankets and simply…read.

Listen to the music, let your mind be free

Melody, Melody…here we take inspiration from the children’s tv programme. Select a few tracks for the kids to listen to. Ask them how it makes them ‘feel’ or what they think is happening. It’s interesting what they say. I recently tried this in the car with Bjork.

Magazine haul

This is our go-to if it’s bad weather or someone’s poorly, yet we need to get out however briefly. Pop to the local shop, let them choose a magazine each then come home and draw, stick, cut it up into tiny little pieces..whatever! You’ve been out, they are entertained and being relatively arty, and you picked up a bar of Galaxy for yourself at the same time. Save the magazines even when they are ‘done’, you can use them for collages on another day.

Dressing up

Forget the usual superheros or princesses, the smaller Arts Fairies like to form weird eclectic characters such as a farmer-with-sparkly-shoes, a Hula-Hula-Vet-with-high-vis-jacket and a fairy-pumpkin-dog-witch. Other favourites include ‘being daddy’ and carrying the lid of the laundry basket as a shield.

There you have it! I hope that’s enough rainy day ideas to keep you all going!



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