What’s new at Arts Fairies HQ

Helloooo and happy new year to you all!

It’s been a while since our last blog post and even more since the launch of our campaign at the start of October. Like any new venture, it’s taken a while to get flying but here we are!

What’s new at Arts Fairies HQ?

Wacky Wednesday


I’m sure I could’ve come up with a better name for it, but since it involves crafting at home with a preschooler and a toddler who puts everything in her mouth, whilst filming progress for our Instagram & Facebook stories and uploading and editing photos, it has become slightly on the crazy side.

(Put it this way: every Wednesday evening I will treat myself to a mid-week wine. No dry January here, folks).

So last week we made Thank you cards! From tissue paper animals to the sparkly pink kind. I’m sure the recipients will be very happy with them. Because they were all of such ranging sizes and textures I sat down last night armed with an array of envelope sizes, jiffy bags and sticky tape; it took about an hour to get the masterpieces ready for posting!

This week we don’t know what to make yet! Who has suggestions? Post a comment or DM us and we’ll do our best to recreate your craft.

Check out lion masks from a few Wednesdays ago…

Tweet chat

On Friday, we had our first tweet chat! It was absolutely buzzing! For those of you who followed our hashtag #happyartshour between 8pm and 9pm, you’ll know that I asked questions ranging from kids crafting to theatre going. There was mild debate of love and hate for the violin, a definite divide between free spirits and control freaks when it came to messy crafting; and as usual we know that Peppa Pig dominates every aspect of preschool life from art to literature.

Thanks so much to all who joined to to our guests This Mums Life and Baby Not Included.

Hot Topic: All that glitters isn’t gold

As well as the tweeting, we’ve been chatting about the hot topic of glitter on our Facebook and Instagram pages…some nurseries are taking strict steps to ban it completely because of it’s negative impact on our environment (did you hear the Jeremy Vine show last week? Lots of people very angry about glitter. I know we shouldn’t use it anymore, but to be angry about glitter…?)  We absolutely agree with the arguments against though and in our bid to save the planet are pleased to have been pointed in the direction of biodegradable glitter page Wild Glitter.


Bye bye my pretties

Competition launch!!!


I’ve been doing a lot of child focused craft activities lately and we’ve just had Christmas, which is of course focused on the kids. It’s time to treat ourselves, mums and dads! I have a very exciting prize up for grabs!!!! That’s all I’m going to say for now.

New discovery

And finally – our newest discovery, thanks to an excellent Christmas present are these paint sticks! Paint, yes. Mess, no! Perfect for tiny, messy people and for a quick and easy art session. How am I going to revert them back to the palette ever again?



That’s all for now! Remember to tag us using #artsforhappyhearts next time you are crafting or taking time out for yourself to embrace the arts (from watching a movie to dooding, anything in the arts spectre goes as long as it makes you happy) …and we’ll do our best to feature.

Have a great week!


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