Lion Day: the book, the film, the craft

Today quite unplanned: we had a Lion day. It started with Middle Arts Fairy reading The Lion King comic strip book she’d borrowed from the library.

As soon as she had finished, her next request was to watch the film. I couldn’t resist snuggling up to watch it too. I had loads of chores to do but I love our sofa cuddles. And The Lion King is such a classic.

After our double bill of Lion Kings, I was struck with an usual idea…let’s make Lion Masks!!! (This burst of creativity seems to be happening more often now…I blame the Arts Fairies…oh, wait).

So. Here’s how we made them.

You will need:

  • Card (pref lion coloured, orange/yellow)
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue (ahhh Blue Peter moment!!)
  • String / elastic
  • Felt tips / paints / colouring pencils
  • Decorations: eg. glitter, feathers, beads, sequins…


  1. Draw the rough outline of a Lion.

2. Cut it out

3. Glue the mane

4. Pick your decorations! We chose feathers & glitter.


5. For the glitter, spread on the paper then shake from side to side until the mane is covered. Do this over newspaper or a magazine so you can clean up easily afterwards. (NB: try to get biodegradable glitter, as the other stuff isn’t good for the environment).

6. Fill in the details with felt tip pen or however you’d like to decorate it.

7. Allow to dry


8. Make two holes with scissors and attach elastic / string to the mask.

9. Wear with…PRIDE!

…In the words of Middle Arts Fairy, “TA-DA!!!”


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