A mission to embrace the everyday Arts


We believe there is an Art for everyone.

· Do you think you’re brilliant or rubbish at drawing?

· Are you theatre shy but keen to know what all those artsy people are making a fuss over?

· Is your music taste totally down with the kids or left back in the Student’s Union of 2002? (oh, to be a ‘stylish kid in the riot’ once again…)

· Do you enjoy reading but haven’t read a book for…um…

· Would you love your kids to be creative at home but don’t want to cover them, you, the walls and the dog in a green paint / modelling clay sludge with a sprinkle of glitter (fact: you can polish a play-doh turd).

· Do you like the thought of watching an old movie or going to the cinema, but end up starting another Box Set on Netflix?

· And are you slightly curious about the exhibitions on at your local museum but feel soft play will be a lot safer?

Fear not. The Arts Fairies are here.

The three of us, Big, Middle & Little, have set up this campaign as we are acutely aware that: a) creativity is good for our mind; and b) we don’t make enough time for it. Modern life is so demanding. After a busy day why would we want to sit down with a sketchbook and colouring pencils? Well, because it’s really therapeutic. More than EastEnders. Although you could do both — we can just see a Mitchell brother’s head (or is it a potato?) in charcoal.

And you don’t have to draw.

Well, actually you don’t HAVE to do anything. You can just watch, read and be inspired by our journey to become just a tiny bit more creative every day. From making a collage out of the Argos catalogue to tuning into Radio 6 on the school run; to booking in that theatre DATE NIGHT for the first time in, um, half a year; to recreating the Tempest out of sock puppets (more like Paw Patrol, but it’s a start…) we’re going to be attempting the [extra]ordinary!

So! Are you with us?

Course you are! So replace that guitar string, throw some felt tips into your trolley and sharpen your pencils.

Lets embrace the everyday arts…

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